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LUX-RC ARTIFACT 2020 Flashlight

Build Date:     2020 Q3
Assembly:       Kris Gr.    

Program with:   NXS R2

LE Hardware:    371 RES-26749 BLUE
LE Firmware:    371-372 V2.0 150420
LE Peak Output: 32W (3.2A per each LED)
LE Carry Sens:  MVS0608.02

LED Type:       3UP CREE XP-L HI
LED CCT:        4000K
LED P/N:        XPLAWT-H1-0000-000BU40E5
Aux LED:        DEEP RED 640NM

LED Optics:     TIR T11 Custom Narrow Lens
Window:         AR Sapphire Crystal YHOIF-JS20170407
Body:           Glazed Alumina TIGAR 20160806A
Artist:         Lisa Kurochkina aka Qrochka
Theme:          "Stingray Skin" (Golden Spots on White)

Order Made:     
Order No:       
Order Country:  
First Owner:    

========= RELEASE NOTES =========

R1.0 Apr 15, 2015 
  - Beta board for OR, power pulse UI (requires special 
    web timing)

R1.1 Jun 1, 2015
  - Programming timing fixed to support all screens
  - 0.7s default mode switch time, "222" factory PIN

R1.2 Nov 17, 2015 
  - The voltage tracking/state machine full redesign
  - 1S/2S voltage display
  - Bat safety switchover (up to ~50mOhms internal res)
  - Hybrid memory revision. Selection is saved after 2s
  - MOM: on/off, mode switching, three special modes and
    programming, lock, program with holding mom, FL33 RGB

R1.2 Dec 18, 2015 
  - The battery lock leak fixed

R1.2 Dec 31, 2015 
  - The PIN enter click is set to 1/2s limit

R1.2.1 Feb 22, 2016
  - Temperature and bounce reading fixes (stepdown issue)
  - Extra low mode (signal) switching fix (decay monitor)
  - Low-battery occasional mode switchover fix
  - 1S heavy load surge detector added. Steps down to 3W
  - Access voltage meter with MOM (lock and hold)
  - Cap discharge optimization (mode switching improvement)
  - FL33 RGB indicator fix
  - 8ms temperature reading (leads to web app re-calibration)
  - Bat. fail/lock: 7-10uA leak, waits for battery swap
  - OVP: overvolt. check on start, no runtime checking

R1.2.2 Feb 24, 2016
  - mode saving to EEPROM fixed (FL_NOTSAVED)

R1.2.3 Mar 7, 2016 
  - 481 service PIN added: on/off the standby locator

R1.2.4 Mar 22, 2016
  - "No memory" bug fixed

R1.2.5 Apr 27, 2016
  - Service PIN fix: use 381 to control the standby locator

R1.2.6 Jun 27, 2018
  - Bug fix: the startup voltage meter accuracy and tolerance edited
  - Mode adjust flag removed (affects the mode switching)

R1.2.7 Nov 13, 2018

R1.2.8 Jun 25, 2019
  - Motion sensing (PIN 382 to control the MS on/off, fatory is off)
  - PWRTE configuration changed (memory fail fix)
  - Service PIN status indicator added

R1.3 Jun 27, 2019  
  - Slow/fast motion sensor configuration: PIN 383
  - Stepdown limit set to 100mW approx.
  - Prog memory protection added (memory fail fix)

R1.3.1 Oct 4, 2019 
  - Mom button is now compatible with motion sensing (FL33 fix)

R2.0  Mar 26, 2020 
    - ONECELL asm config: 2S check added (2S is not supported by ONECELL)
    - SHORT PIN 4: memory file selector (1-2-3-4)
    - PIN 111: runs voltage meter (MOM UI: hold locked button)
    - PIN 112 and 222: programming (hardcoded PINs)
    - PIN 113: battery tester (five star rating under the load, 0.15V per star)
    - All service PINs mask 33X, where X=1..7.
      Color and code confirmation added. White is ON. Red is OFF.
      Number of flashes is X (i.e. double red flash means 332 is OFF)
    - PIN 311: show service bits (red - OFF, white - ON)
    - PIN 331: standby and zero mode locator beacon: ON/OFF
    - PIN 332: motion sensing ON/OFF (factory is OFF)
    - PIN 333: motion sensing slow/fast timing profile
    - PIN 334: 8 mode/4+4 mode (factory is 8 modes)
    - PIN 335: zero mode ON/OFF (factory is OFF)
    - PIN 336: double click action (backward / last mode)
    - PIN 337: PPUI double click ON/OFF
    - Motion sensing: false-positive filter added, level 4
    - MOM UI: 4th instant access mode (afterburning)
    - MOM UI: double-click action: mode step back / hop to final mode
    - Beacons rethinked: single red for standby and zero mode
                         double red for motion tracking sleep mode
    - MOM UI: 4-click lock only from standby
    - MOM UI: endless looping in mode/special selection (mom hold)
    - PIN input: faster input, 1/2s gap between "figures"
    - Double-click in final mode returns to the original mode
    - MOM UI: double-click from standby jumps to the final mode
    - MOM UI: click-click-click-hold from standby to change file